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To book your emergency dental appointment the same day, call or walk into our office during business hours. All calls and walk-in appointments are welcome! If you can’t get ahold of us, walk into our office during open hours. Serving the Grand Rapids community since 2022.

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Emergency dental care when you need it most. Our experienced Grand Rapids dentists provide prompt, compassionate urgent dental services, routine checkups & cosmetic procedures. Trust us for your dental health.

Dental Trauma

Whether it's a knocked-out tooth, a chipped enamel, or a painful gum laceration, dental trauma can cause immediate discomfort and potential long-term consequences if left untreated. At Emergency Dental of Grand Rapids, we specialize in providing swift and expert care to address dental trauma, ensuring that your smile is restored to its optimal health and aesthetics.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an option we offer to our patients at Emergency Dental of Grand Rapids to not only restore a beautiful smile, but also prevent bone loss, face shape alteration, and jaw joint problems. Studies show that almost 70% of adults have lost at least one permanent tooth. If you are one of those people, call us today and let us restore your smile.

Swollen Jaw

Whether caused by a dental abscess, infection, or trauma, a swollen jaw can lead to excruciating pain and difficulty in eating or speaking. At Emergency Dental of Grand Rapids, we specialize in swift and expert care to alleviate your discomfort and resolve the underlying problem, ensuring your oral health and peace of mind.

Emergency Dental Care When You Need It

It’s time to take back your life by getting only the best in emergency dental services. At Emergency Dental of Grand Rapids, we cover ailments of all kinds including cracks, chips, oral injuries and so much more.
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Explore Our Services

Emergency Dental of Grand Rapids handles dental emergencies but also general dental care, as well. Dental accidents, abscessed tooth removal, root canal, dental bridges, broken retainers, emergency fillings, broken fillings, tooth extractions, broken teeth, fractured teeth, and even swollen jaw problems can all be handled in our office. We offer oral sedatives and local anesthesia for more painful dental emergency procedures. Our general services include teeth cleanings, whitening treatments, implants, dentures, wisdom teeth removal and more.

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We also pride ourselves on the exceptional care we provide to our patients Take a look at what our patients have to say about us and head on over to our blog to read up on our best dental tips to prevent dental emergencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When dealing with an urgent dental emergency, we know you likely have a lot of questions. We are here to answer them! Below we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our emergency dental services to address common concerns you may have:

We understand that the cost of urgent after-hours emergency dental care is a common concern. However, prompt treatment is crucial for relief of severe toothaches, injuries, or dangerous infections that can’t wait until regular office hours.

The good news is that our emergency exam fees are very reasonable, often equivalent to a standard office visit. Any additional treatment beyond the initial exam is typically priced the same as a scheduled visit. We also work with most dental insurance plans to maximize your coverage. Financing options like credit cards or payment plans can make care more affordable as well.

Don’t let potential costs deter you from seeking emergency help when you need it most. We promise to provide caring treatment at fair prices, day or night. Call our emergency dental team now -prompt, affordable treatment will provide the relief you deserve and prevent minor issues from becoming major, more expensive problems down the road. The dental emergency experts at Emergency Dental of Grand Rapids are here to help!

Emergency rooms and hospitals do not treat tooth issues. Emergency physicians are not trained in dental practice. If you need immediate emergency dental care, schedule an appointment with Emergency Dental of Grand Rapids as soon as possible.

Yes, we do take walk-ins as well as formal appointments scheduled over the phone.

Emergency Dental of Grand Rapids accepts most dental insurance plans. We are not contracted with the state Medicaid or Medicare programs. Ask the clinic for more information.
If for some reason we cannot contact your insurance company, you can pay in full for the treatment out-of-pocket, and your insurance company can reimburse you. The amount covered by insurance can vary depending on the type of treatment and the type of insurance that you have. Our staff will determine your out-of-pocket costs and, if necessary, help you secure financing. As our commitment to transparency, we will always communicate the total out-of-pocket cost before any exam or treatment is performed.

Ask us for more information during your appointment or view our flexible financing options online.

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