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Good service everybody is nice at Emergency Dental of Grand Rapids!

January 7

Allen S

They were great saw me the same day! That you for the help!

July 16

Damienne E

Broke a tooth on a Sunday and was able to get the root canal and temporary crown done the same day. Just finished having the permanent crown put in. So thankful for this wonderful staff!

June 5

Kelly M

Everyone at Emergency Dental of Grand Rapids was incredible! They are just excellent there!

June 25

Rachel L

Seen today, due to a Emergent tooth abscess. Was able to be seen same day on a Sunday and have the tooth extracted. My regular dentist was out of town and so I was very thankful!!

November 13

Miranda O

Had to have a tooth removed. Was in a lot of pain. Called at 6 pm was in by 7 pm. Dentist and the staff were very kind. Highly recommended!

December 10

Jason R

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